Constantine Yankoglu: Patricia Heaton’s Ex Husband

Constantine Yankoglu

Are you interested in learning about Constantine Yankoglu? then you’re in the right place. Being the ex-husband of the well-known actress Patricia Heaton, Constantine Yankoglu is well-known. Aside from his association with Patricia Heaton, Constantine has a distinct identity and achievements.

In this article we will learn about the Constantine biography, his age, education, career, married life. Net worth and many more things. You only need to read the article all the way to the bottom to do this. To accomplish this, simply read the article from top to bottom.

Who is Constantine Yankoglu?

Constantine Yankoglu was previously married to Patricia Heaton, an actress. On his birthday, February 2, 1954, he turned 70 years old.

He has engaged in technology and entrepreneurial endeavors, though these have not been widely reported in the public domain. This shows a dedication to creativity and leadership.

His previous marriage is the main reason for her public presence, and his less well-known professional accomplishments probably demonstrate his commitment to becoming a leader in his fields.

Constantine Yankoglu Wikipedia

Real Name/Full NameConstantine Niko Yankoglu
Date Of Birth2 February 1954
Age70 years old
BirthplaceFayette, Kentucky, United States of America
Zodiac signAquarius
Ex-wifePatricia Heaton
Marital StatusDivorced
Net worth$1,00,000

Constantine Yankoglu Age 

Constantine was born on February 2, 1954 in Fayette, Kentucky, United States of America. He is an American citizen and seventy years old. Constantine follows Christianity and is an Aquarius by sign.

Constantine Yankoglu’s Education

He began his education at Fort Harrod School in America. He later attended the prestigious University of Kentucky to continue his education, where he graduated. 

This educational journey illuminates his academic background, emphasizing his dedication to learning and intellectual development.

Constantine Yankoglu Career 

Constantine Yankoglu is known to work in media outlets, specifically as an entertainer. Although specific credits are difficult to find, it is possible that he has appeared in a number of films or television shows. However, information about his specific roles and career path is still limited. 

Patricia Heaton, on the other hand, is a well-known producer and actress who has appeared in a number of well-known network series. She became well-known for her part as Debra Barone in the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, which ran from 1996 to 2005. Following this accomplishment, she enchanted audiences as Frankie Damnation on The Middle from 2009 to 2018.

Body Measurements 

Ajendra Variya’s charming personality attracts those who like watching his videos. His height is 182 cm, or six feet 0 inches, and he has a fashionable yet down-to-earth aesthetic. His physical attributes include an impressive 84 kg weight and gorgeous brown eyes and hair. 

How Constantine Yankoglu Became Popular ?

Being the ex-husband of Patricia Heaton, Constantine became extremely well-known. He is an introverted individual who has avoided drawing attention to himself.

His ex-partner is a well-known American producer and actress, best known for playing the character of Debra Barone on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond on CBS from 1996 to 2005, for which she received two primetime Emmy nominations. Additionally, she starred in the ABC sitcom The Middle from 2009 to 2018 as Frankie Heck.

Husband Constantine Yankoglu

Husband Constantine Yankoglu
  • Patricia and Constantine had dated for a while before the marriage and were close friends in high school, so it seemed like they would be married for a long time. Their marriage was short-lived as they separated after just three years, each for good reason.
  • However, the primary reason (or reasons) for their separation are still unknown, since their divorce documents just stated that they were split due to “irreconcilable differences.”
  • Patricia had gone through a “protestant wilderness” after her divorce. By June 2017, the Roman Catholic Church had annulled her first marriage to Constantine, and she is said to be a practicing Roman Catholic aagain.
  • After their three-year marriage ended, Constantine Yankoglu and Patricia Heaton are reported to have moved on and achieved a number of goals in life. They didn’t have any children.

Divorced Path of Patricia and Constantine

Patricia and Constantine divorced many years ago, and a lot has happened in their relationship since then. While Constantine appears to have never remarried, Patricia married British actor David Hunt in 1990 and has been with him ever since.

Constantine Yankoglu Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Constantine is $100,000. He is classified as a high-paid actor because the average annual salary for American actors is around $56,901. His exceptional acting abilities have enabled him to live a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Unique Facts about Constantine 

  • Constantine once ran a marathon in his hometown.
  • He collects antique clocks with great passion.
  • His professional career started at a nearby supermarket. 


In conclusion, Constantine Yankoglu, known primarily as Patricia Heaton’s ex-husband, has carved out his own path with various professional endeavors. Despite his low public profile, he has made notable achievements in technology and entrepreneurship. His story highlights both his personal and professional milestones, making him a multifaceted individual worth knowing about.

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